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Catch up with Door to Door on YouTube

Are you feeling a little emptiness in your life while Door to Door is on a short hiatus? Well…

Now’s your chance to catch up with Door to Door on YouTube! We realize that not everyone is familiar with Vimeo, so we’ve now made our first six episode of Door to Door the web series available on YouTube as well. So whether you’re not all caught up yet, or you’re just itching to relive a zillion hilarious moments in the world of door to door sales, here are the links!

Episode 1: The Pilot– In the premiere episode, owner and manager Klaus Schlegle introduces new salesman Bryan Cooper to the rest of the staff. A documentary crew follows them, hoping to gain insight into the world of At Your Door Services Enterprises; a door-to-door sales company with a very unique business formula.

Episode 1.5: The Costume Party– In the Door to Door Christmas Episode, Christmas comes early and Bryan comes… Overdressed. Will he be able to find the Christmas Spirit in time to save his job at At Your Door Service Enterprises?

Episode 2: Deter Dry– Klaus gives the ultimate sales pitch for a revolutionary new product and Bryan heads out on his first sales route. Will selling detergent sheets be as easy as it seems?

Episode 3: The Cherry Tree– Cynthia’s honest nature proves troublesome in the world of door to door sales.

Episode 4: Closing Ceremonies– Bryan returns from his first day of sales to participate in a rather unusual closing ritual and Klaus makes a shocking discovery that will change A.Y.D.S.E. forever.

Episode 5: The Edpocalypse– With the future of A.Y.D.S.E. hanging in the balance, Ed Phuket stands in as acting accountant. Will the math skills of his Asian forefathers be enough to help him save the company?

You can also subscribe to us on YouTube for automatic alerts on new episode releases if that is your preferred viewing platform :)

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