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Door to Door Episode 20: The Slammer

In the Season 1 Finale, Door to Door Episode 20: The Slammer,  someone gets into a whole lot of trouble! As the future of At Your Door Service Enterprises hangs in the balance, Officer Brennan finally has his dream realized, Cynthia’s James Franco posters have caused quite a stir, and Bryan may be back on the old job search… What will happen when one member of the A.Y.D.S.E. and the law collide?


  • Pat Dortch as Klaus Schlegle
  • Justin Xavier Smith as Bryan Cooper
  • Rachel Woodhouse as Cynthia Patterson
  • Paul Freeman as Ed Phuket
  • Ana Shaw as Mildred Mortimer
  • Nick Madrick as Officer Brennan
  • Michael Azazi as Officer Peter Ness
  • Jennifer Taylor as Julia Jennings
  • Chris Totty as Calum Q. Cumberbatch
  • Thom McKinney as Tim White


  • Written by- Rachel Woodhouse and Justin Xavier Smith
  • Directed by- Joe Chiazza
  • Edited by- Rachel Woodhouse
  • Executive Producers- Rachel Woodhouse and Justin Xavier Smith
  • Producers- Debby Woodhouse and Stuart Woodhouse
  • Associate Producers- Virginia B. Smith and Peter Conway
  • Director of Photography- Joe Chiazza
  • Sound Operator- Brian Lucas
  • Theme Song and Theme Animation- Rachel Woodhouse
  • Theme Song Vocals- Johanna Jowett and Bryan Pierce
  • Art Director- Rachel Woodhouse
  • Colored by- Rachel Woodhouse

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